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Ext.create or Ext.widget or new... what the heck?

April 01, 20145 min read

There has been a conversation going on in a private forum on the Sencha Forums where it discusses what to use and what to recommend in…

Prevent browser zoom in Ext JS

April 01, 20143 min read

Something that I’ve been seeing a lot lately is people reporting lots of layout issues when they use the browser zoom feature and…

Tiny Performance Boost in Data Drive Ext JS/Sencha Touch apps

March 19, 20143 min read

If you’re like me, you probably try to squeeze every bit of performance out of your code and likely end up on a never ending search for…

JsonP Explanation

December 07, 20134 min read

Talking to a lot of people, I get the sense that there are quite a lot of people who don’t actually understand what JsonP is and how it…

Client side associations

March 10, 201313 min read

Something that I have seen and heard was how to work with associations. This is a loaded topic but in an application I am working on I have…

Lesson in the getElementConfig method and config object

January 11, 201310 min read

Recently I saw a blog post about creating a component to play YouTube videos in Sencha Touch 2. Of course the code worked but I could help…