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Coding style vs valid Javascript

September 10, 20123 min read

I came across a thread that actually got me a little riled up. A quick disclaimer, I absolutely have OCD tendencies (have a light switch…

Breakpoint a lost art?

September 07, 20126 min read

Over the last few months helping people on the forums I have come across people who really aren’t debugging for themselves. They come on an…

Grateful for extensions

August 31, 20123 min read

Today, I spoke with someone about our extensions we have made and it made me realize something… I love making something, the challenge of…

My week with my Nexus 7

July 22, 20128 min read

About me I have owned many iPod Touches, an iPhone, all 3 iPads and Android phones/tablets ever since the good ole G1 (most notably the more…

Going Remote with Sencha Command

July 15, 20127 min read

With the introduction of Sencha Touch 2.0.0 GA we got the use of Sencha Command which allows developers to create an app and build an app…

var me = this; convention

July 11, 20127 min read

Once in a while the topic of using the convention is brought up. Some people love it, some people hate it and some people don’t understand…