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New Router for Ext JS

December 20, 20166 min read

When Fiddle 1 was being developed back in 2013, Ext JS 5 was in development. At that time, Ext JS did not have a router but Fiddle did. It…

WebSockets Behind Elastic Beanstalk

July 21, 20164 min read

Lately, I’ve been working on a few projects and I’ve been using Ext JS served with Node.js. We use AWS as our ISP using EB with Docker…

Flowcharts for the win!

May 02, 20164 min read

Through a lot of my professional life, I’ve been given steps. Sometimes I didn’t get all steps or the steps weren’t the most clear so I’d…

Full featured or lightweight, cannot have both

April 11, 20163 min read

Earlier today, I noticed a conversation about how React was “far more flexible when it comes to customizing” than Ext JS. So being an Ext JS…

npm failed me

April 06, 20162 min read

Last week, we deployed a major update to an application and after a couple days it finally fell on it’s face. The server, hosted on AWS…

No dependencies, no drama!

March 24, 20163 min read

Open source is great, except when it’s not. If you were under a rock this week, some big projects broke due to a module being removed (left…