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Custom Two Way Binding!

December 03, 20154 min read

When Ext JS 5 was released it brought with it data binding including two-way data binding. Although some argue that two way data binding is…

Loading Ext.Direct api

September 22, 20154 min read

Personally, I use a technology called Ext.Direct for my projects. Ext.Direct is platform and language agnostic remote procedure call…

SFTP server in Node.js

September 17, 20153 min read

I have a project that I want to start working on but first needed to create a quick proof-of-concept (POC) to make sure I can do what I…

React dispatcher, improved

August 26, 20154 min read

React is a very fast view layer and that’s it. Ok, we all know that (I hope). React doesn’t handle any business logic for user interactions…

this is undefined, what?

August 15, 20153 min read

Playing around the other day with ES6 and classes and ran upon a strange error. It was simple code, a base class, a subclass and a…

Format your numbers!

August 13, 20153 min read

Yesterday, I posted about a gripe on not pluralizing text based on the value that text was associated to. Today, I visited a site and…