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Written by Mitchell Simoens who is a long time nerd developing software and building computers and gadgets. Anything expressed on this website are Mitchell Simoens's alone and do not represent his employer.

Ext JS Router Mixin!

July 13, 20154 min read

Ever since I was able to implement a router into Ext JS (beginning with 5.0.0) it has been one of the best feature adds for application…

Saving hierarchical data in MySQL with Node.js

July 03, 201511 min read

I have a need that I’ve solved before but have never been happy with my solutions. So today I decided to give it another go. It’s taking…

Handling user session with routes

July 02, 20157 min read

I’d like to first state that there are literally thousands of ways to handle this and is dependent on how you handle user sessions within…

Delaying launch for stores to load

July 02, 20153 min read

A common request I hear from many people is how to delay the application’s method from being executed. First, let’s investigate the problem…

The death of major versions?

June 30, 20152 min read

I for one, love updating an app and seeing a new major version released. It’s like Christmas morning, what new goodies am I gonna get…

Requiring classes

May 21, 20154 min read

Since Ext JS 4 came out, Ext JS supported loading classes on demand during development. You do this using the property in your statement…