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Written by Mitchell Simoens who is a long time nerd developing software and building computers and gadgets. Anything expressed on this website are Mitchell Simoens's alone and do not represent his employer.

NodeDomain lesson with Adobe Brackets

February 12, 20153 min read

I’ve been an IntelliJ IDEA user for 4 years now but I usually have most features turned off but it’s a memory hog, the constant indexing and…

Project Managing Personal Finances

February 11, 20153 min read

Back when I was 19 I built my first house, well, paid someone else to build it of course. At the time, I thought I was hot shit being only…

Overriding methods safely

January 20, 20157 min read

In the article Abstract vs Override, I talked about how to use overrides in an application to globally change Ext JS to work for your…

What is callParent and callSuper?

January 20, 20156 min read

One of the best things about Ext JS is it’s class system. Even though JavaScript doesn’t have a class system with inheritance, Ext JS…

Documentation Friday!

January 09, 20153 min read

Let’s face it fellow programmers, we don’t document our code like we really should. Why should we? It doesn’t add to the functionality of…

A Naming Strategy

January 07, 20157 min read

You just got contracted or assigned a new app! Wow, that’s exciting! All you want to do is just jump in and start coding right? Well, you…