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Wordpress is slow, Ghost is better?

December 17, 20143 min read

The de facto standard of blog software is Wordpress, I’m sure everyone has heard of it. You can do quite a bit with it: install themes…

Holiday Spirit

December 16, 20143 min read

This last weekend my wife and I were eating at a Panera Bread Company store for lunch. My wife noticed the gift tree they had next to the…

Abstract vs Override

December 04, 20148 min read

Developing large single-page applications can be a daunting task. I’ve seen web applications approach a million lines of code. That’s…

Why Ext JS in the face of many (micro)libraries

December 01, 20145 min read

First, I want to provide a disclaimer. I work for Sencha so admittibly I’m a bit biased. Believe be or not when I say I attempt to have an…

Tough Mudder - Looking ahead for 2015

October 27, 20145 min read

Tough Mudder Prior First of 2013, my now wife and I started working out to prepare for our wedding in the summer. I used to be that tall…

Loading Model Data on Demand

April 30, 20145 min read

There are use cases where a model’s fields need to be loaded from the server so your application can be dynamic and even automatically…