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NPM Install

September 03, 20203 min read

In the world of Node.js, you’re gonna be using the npm cli tool. You’re also going to find lots of blogs telling you how to do things but I…

NPM Publish to GPR and NPM

June 25, 20208 min read

I’ve seen a few blogs about publishing a node module to the NPM repository and GitHub Package Registry (GPR). Some I like, some I don’t. I…

Health Update

March 18, 20207 min read

About 7 years ago, I started working out. My eating habits finally caught up with me and I needed to change. So I started working out with a…

Why TypeScript Paths Failed Me

August 07, 20198 min read

This year has really been the year of Typescript for me, I’ve been using is anywhere and everywhere I can. While there are some annoyances…

React State Provider with Hooks

August 01, 20197 min read

I love how simple React makes using global state in an application so simple. It’s API is simple, predictable and easy to grok (IMO). You…

My Move to GitHub Pages

July 26, 20195 min read

I’ve had my personal blog since 2011, the year my career sort of took off. I self hosted Wordpress as it’s the de facto blog platform (at…