Some experiments and thoughts on all things from Mitchell Simoens

This site contains thoughts and some experimental things aimed at teaching myself and maybe others. Things may break from time to time as I play, this site has always been an arena that I can continue to push my skills. For example, I wanted to learn Next.js, Tailwind CSS, NextUI and Cloudflare more... so I built it. I will be honest, I love it. It feels like the DX of many of the tools I am using is exciting me more to keep pushing myself. Much ❤️ to them for what they have provided to devs like me.

Right now, this site really just a blog. In the future, I will have more around. Hope you check it out from time to time!

Site TODO:

  • 🔥 Dark mode (because I am a dark moder)
  • 📱 Mobile At least a start...
  • 💅 An actual blog design, this is just too plain
  • 🤖 Tests!
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