Some experiments and thoughts on all things from Mitchell Simoens

I am really a nerd of many things at heart. I started coding in the 90s and continue to love coding to this day with no end in sight. While the amount of time I get to code has drastically reduced, it will always be something I look forward to. My first real coding language was BASIC. My first language that I used in a non-personal project was Perl. My favorite language right now is TypeScript.

One passion of mine has been mentoring others. Whether it has been through a forum or in person, I just really love it. I love it because people have mentored me and it is my way of paying it forward. When I see someone struggle, I find it exciting to jump in and help them through whatever problem they are stuck on. This can be work related or I also find myself helping in personal matters more often than I thought I would be.

I think this is why I really love my current job. I am currently a Director of Engineering for Modus Create. In this job, I get to do a wide range of things. I get some time to code but as I lead teams for our clients, I get to mentor other people around me. Those people may be devs, they may be QA, they may be SMs or BAs. They are all sorts of different people in different roles.

One thing I really love working at a remote-first company is the ability to work with people from around the world. While being remote does have challenges, I find the reward so much more enjoyable. Working with people from different backgrounds makes my job better. It makes me a better person. For example, I may see something in one light but other people see that same thing in a different light. I love getting exposed to those different lights.

As you can tell, I really love where my life is. If you want to join me, reach out! Modus Create is hiring!

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