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Holiday Spirit

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This last weekend my wife and I were eating at a Panera Bread Company store for lunch. My wife noticed the gift tree they had next to the front door and she started talking about when they had a gift tree when she used to work at Whole Foods Market. She had told me these stories before but we went on to tell me how it was her favorite time of the year because she got to see so many people bring in so many gifts for people that had their card on the gift tree. Some people would fill up their trunk of their car and require help bringing in all the gifts. It was truly amazing.

So as we looked at this gift tree, I proposed one little thing, "Do you want to grab a couple cards and we'd go shopping?" I had her go pick a card for a girl and boy. She came back with a card for a two year old girl and one for a six years old boy and the card has what they wish for. Reading the cards a bit more, these cards weren't just for any kids; they were for kids suffering from a cancer or blood disease. This broke my heart. The girl, at a young age of two, only wanted a tricycle. And the boy, just wanted a Scooby Doo game. I don't know what they have or if it's life threatening but it's very humbling that they have such a sserious disease but want so little.

So off to Toys 'R Us we went, which I'll admit was also for me too; I'm a big kid still. We found two Scooby Doo games, snatched them both for the boy. They both saids for ages 5+, they look fun to me and I'm 5+, wish I could play with it. Went to the tricycles and found one that had buttons for lights and sounds and the seat moved so the little girl could enjoy it as she grows a little bit (I'd like to think she will fight and win whatever she has).

I can imagine their smiles when they get these gifts. And that's the powerful thing here. They may not understand the disease they have, but they do understand happiness and you never know, that may be the key to winning the fight. I will likely never meet them, you do not put your name or anything on the gift when you give it. It's a purely selfless concept, I wish I could meet them. To see the smiles not just in my imagination but in person. I'm sure it would cause me to cry when I left knowing that I was able to make them happy even if just for the couple minutes I was there. I hope these gifts remind them to keep their head up strong, remember to be happy. Know that even strangers love them.

So to whomever you two are, I love you.

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