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Written by Mitchell Simoens who is a long time nerd developing software and building computers and gadgets. Anything expressed on this website are Mitchell Simoens's alone and do not represent his employer.
  • Loading Ext.Direct api
    4 min read
    Personally, I use a technology called Ext.Direct for my projects. Ext.Direct is platform and language agnostic remote procedure call protoco...
  • SFTP server in Node.js
    3 min read
    I have a project that I want to start working on but first needed to create a quick proof-of-concept (POC) to make sure I can do what I want...
  • React dispatcher, improved
    4 min read
    React is a very fast view layer and that's it. Ok, we all know that (I hope). React doesn't handle any business logic for user interactions
  • this is undefined, what?
    3 min read
    Playing around the other day with ES6 and classes and ran upon a strange error. It was simple code, a base class, a subclass and a construct...
  • Format your numbers!
    3 min read
    Yesterday, I posted about a gripe on not pluralizing text based on the value that text was associated to. Today, I visited a site and notice...
  • Pluralize text
    2 min read
    One of my gripes is when I see text that should be singular but shows plural when the value before it is one. It's 2015, surely we can detec...
  • Instances on prototype are bad!
    4 min read
    I've been seeing something a lot lately and I wanted to take a quick second to talk about it. This is creating instances and placing them on...
  • List and the scrollDock config
    1 min read
    With Ext JS 6 modern toolkit and Sencha Touch 2, you can have docked items on an Ext.dataview.List without wrapping the List in a Container...
  • Ext JS Router Mixin!
    4 min read
    Ever since I was able to implement a router into Ext JS (beginning with 5.0.0) it has been one of the best feature adds for application deve...
  • Saving hierarchical data in MySQL with Node.js
    11 min read
    I have a need that I've solved before but have never been happy with my solutions. So today I decided to give it another go. It's taking hie...
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